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Here’s the deal:

greenchairstudio-abby-bliss-025-webWhen women reach a certain age, the diet and fitness routines that worked in our 20’s and 30’s just don’t deliver anymore.

The weight stays on and you still feel like crap no matter what you eat, or how much you hit the gym. What gives?!

If you’ve been working out and dieting with little to no result, a hormonal imbalance is probably to blame (and I can help.)

But we’ll need to look at more than just what you’re eating.

Naturally healing hormonal issues and mastering your metabolism takes more than nutrition and exercise. Your relationships, emotions, and habits all factor in too.

True wellness (the kind that lasts forever) is about mind – body – spirit connection, baby.

Besides, isn’t it high time your self-love and happiness became as high on your priority list as a flat belly & toned butt?

Yep, I thought so too. And you deserve both.

That’s why I designed The B.L.I.S.S. Method; to help women like you feel healthy, vibrant, sexy, and (most importantly) whole again – step by doable step.

Why do I call it “THE B.L.I.S.S. METHOD”?

Because I know…

B- Balance is the key to health and happiness. Do you want to find that Blissful Balance?

L- Do you want to learn to Love your body and become comfortable in your own skin?

I- Intuitive Eating- Do you want to eat when you are Hungry and Stop when you are Full? It really can be that simple.

S- Self-Care- Is it time to give yourself permission to take care of yourself? I promise, it is okay and you will not only be so much more fulfilled, but also a better mother, wife, sister, daughter/ father, husband, brother, son.

S- Satisfied- This is a big one. Do you want to learn to have a healthy relationship with food in a way that you are satisfied not only with your meals, but also with the affect they have on your mind, body and spirit?

Welcome home, sister. It’s an honor to share my story with you.

The bumpy road to bliss: My story.


About 10 years ago, my life looked totally different.greenchairstudio-abby-bliss-064-web

I was 30+ pounds overweight and living with my wonderful husband and kids in Southern California, a.k.a. the land of skintight jeans and six pack abs.

We’d just moved from Chicago, and I was feeling a little lonely and out of place (especially watching my Fitness Barbie & Ken neighbors jog down the street.) But dessert and a glass of good wine always helped me cope.

I knew food and emotional eating were my crutches. Sort of. But it took a particularly shocking wake up call to show me just how bad it had become.

I was going through family photos and noticed a picture of my daughter holding hands with a woman I didn’t recognize. I looked more closely, and… my heart dropped.

It was me.

Me!? But this woman looked so heavy. Sad. Stressed out. Sure, I felt that way some days, but I didn’t realize I looked that way too. Who was this person? What kind of example was she setting for my kids?

I knew something had to change – fast. So I did the best thing I could think of: I went on a diet.

I’d never been on a diet of any kind before (I’m a foodie and proud of it!), so I headed straight to Weight Watchers.

The good news? I dropped 15 pounds. The bad news? I picked up an obsession with points. Yep, I’d even refuse to eat at someone else’s home because I needed to know every possible point that might be in their dishes.

Slowly, I realized I now had an unhealthy relationship to food on the other end of the scale. Instead of over-indulging, I was restricting, denying, and calculating non-stop.

Thankfully, that’s when my path to you really began.

I didn’t want to eat frozen dinners, liquid lunches, or be denied the occasional treat anymore. I knew I had to find what worked for me, on my own terms.

So I started hunting for ways to lose weight, while still enjoying eating.

Slowly, slowly, I started to release my all-or-nothing grip on my relationship to food. I learned the practice of intuitive and slow eating, listening to my body, and detoxing my life of the habits and self-talk that didn’t serve me.
Through trial, and error, I discovered I could actually enjoy being healthy. I was losing pounds and feeling awesome, without feeling like I couldn’t look dark chocolate in the eye again!

And you know what happened? The weight started to slide off, and passing health goal after health goal became a piece of cake.

greenchairstudio-abby-bliss-001-webInstead of worrying about eating too much of this, or not enough of that, I relished my food, and never let myself feel deprived.

It was so amazing and empowering, I just had to spread the word. So I started a blog called Eat, Drink and Be Aware to share my healthy, delicious recipes (and a few sweet treats) with the world.

The more I wrote and spoke about this approach to wellness, the more serious I became about teaching others. I signed up for an intuitive eating training program, which eventually led to my personal trainer certification, yoga teacher, and wellness coach training.

I wanted to help women take back control of their health, not just to look fantastic and be energized, but also feel whole and happy with themselves the way I’d learned to. I wanted to prove to them the power of positivity of possibility, and wake them up to their awesome potential.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. After X years of training and coaching clients I started hitting a speed bump:
I was doing everything right; eating right, exercising… but it was getting harder and harder for me to keep weight off.

It didn’t take me long to figure out: my hormones were totally out of whack.

Around the same time, I decided to take my work up another notch by attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to get my degree in holistic nutrition. That, paired with the detox work of Sara Gottfried,MD taught me the role toxicity and emotional well-being plays in hormonal health.

From there, I became my own guinea pig, learning how to balance my hormones naturally through food and easy fitness steps. I studied digestion, hormonal balance, and the importance of detoxing, and started piecing together my signature Bliss Method.
Since then, hormonal balancing and detoxes have become my specialty, and Eat, Drink, and Be Aware has become Bliss Holistic Health.

To date, I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight, get their hormones back on track, detox their bodies, and feel totally ready to embrace life again. I’m head-over-heels in crazy love with what I do – and I think you will be too.

The transformation clients see when they finally learn to cleanse their bodies, treat themselves with love, and balance themselves their own way still rocks my world.
As for me, I’ve kept off those extra 30 pounds for the past decade. And I feel stronger, more fulfilled, and excited for the future than ever before.

Now, I want to help you change your life the way I changed mine. And I’d love to be the one to help you get there.

Want to know more about what I do? to learn about my 1-1 coaching, group programs, and detoxes.

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