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Clean Skincare

I am a skin care junkie.  I have dabbled in hundreds of various skin care lines.  I love the thrill of purchasing a new personal care product and all of the promises it provides.  I am certain I will look 10 years younger every time.

However, my inner junkie’s heart nearly broke the more immersed I became in the wide world of detox knowledge.

Here’s why…

  • 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • What goes on your skin is as important (if not more) than what goes in your mouth.  See Above
  • There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry.
  • Only about 10% of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have safety data.
  • What’s worse is the Food and Drug Administration (the agency that regulates cosmetics) allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful (lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates) in the products we put on our bodies and on our kids every single day, day after day.
  • The United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

I could not undo what I knew, so I started the great quest to find a safe skin care line that would send my inner junkie’s heart a-flutter while still meeting my inner Detox guru’s standards.  This was no easy feat.  I tried SO many different skin care & make-up lines only to come up with a bathroom that could rival Sephora’s selection day and my skin was no more radiant for it.  And then…

I found her.  

read this







I found the one company that has two pillars for success: Performance and Safety.

Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients setting a new health and safety standard and they work!!!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miracles. Do. Happen.

To meet and get your hands on these rare jewels,  I invite you to shop my Beautycounter .  Click on the button below for your access to all of the greatness.

Not sure where to start or which product would best address your skin’s type and/or condition?  Please do not hesitate to email me with any and all inquiries.


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