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The BLISS Method is…


The key to your ultimate health and happiness.


Being comfortable in your own skin brings more joy into every day.


Enjoy food when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. (Yes, it really can be that simple.)


Give yourself permission to put YOU first. It’s your birthright.


Not just with what’s on your plate, but with what’s unfolding in every facet of your life.

BLISS for Life!


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Here’s what I know:

As women get older, it gets harder for our bodies to shed weight and keep it off.

From PMS to perimenopause and on into menopause, hormonal ups and downs can cause major shifts in our bodies. These shifts mean we react differently to the food we eat, the amount of stress in our lives, even the way we treat ourselves.

Hormonal issues can cause more havoc in your life than just moodiness and inflammation leading to weight gain. Imbalances can also cause premature aging, fatigue, anxiety, and poor health.

If you’ve been feeling…

… moody, fatigued, and bloated, no matter what you eat.

… like you put on pound after pound, but your old weight loss tricks don’t work anymore.

… sidelined by sugar cravings by 3 PM every day (and give into temptation every time.)

… restless all night long, tossing and turning, or experiencing hot flashes.

… like your youthful glow is gone for good, and gravity’s officially taking its toll.

 This could be your hormones talking to you.


chronic fatigue  |  insomnia  |  sleep disturbance  |  feeling overwhelmed  |  craving for salty and/or sweet foods  |  sensitivity to lightlow stamina  |  slow recovery from illness or injuries  |  brain fog  |  poor digestion  |  poor concentration  |  low immune function  |  low blood pressure  |  menopause symptoms  |  sensitivity to cold  |  allergies  |  anxiety and irritability   |   depression   |   poor memory  |  low libido  |  panic attack and short temper


Here’s the good news:

You’re not alone – and you’re in the right spot. There’s a holistic way to turn it all around.

Yes, you can BALANCE your hormones, and use them to master your metabolism and lose weight naturally.

Here’s the better news:

It doesn’t have to be frustrating, confusing, or leave you feeling deprived.

In fact, your road to looking and feeling great again should be a playful, delicious adventure.

Because permanent, healthy behavior and body change only unfolds when you feel good
at a pace that works for your unique body and lifestyle.

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midoreI have been working with Abby for over a year now and recommend The Bliss Method to everyone!

Abby’s positive energy and personal attention helped me accomplish my goals.I deepened my understanding of my own body’s digestive issues. I shed unnecessary pounds and my muffin top is diminished. I also expanded my repertoire with Abby’s yummy recipes! Thank you.

 Abby has provided me with a nice road map to follow to stay and feel healthy and wonderful.”

– Midore Takada, New York, New York

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Instead of trying balance your hormones with confusing pills or supplements… you used whole foods, meditation, and simple exercises (and it worked better).

Instead of stressing about the number on the scale… you lost weight by just lovingly asking yourself “How do I really feel?”

Instead of counting calories… you learned to truly savor your food to feel more satisfied.

Instead of hoping you’ll turn into a yogi overnight… you had a workout plan broken into easy steps, so you could make real progress?

A whole new world of yummy possibility opens up, doesn’t it?

Yep – and you deserve all of it, my dear.

That’s why it would be my honor to help you heal your body … by finding your bliss.

One-on-One Health Coaching

I’ll be your co-pilot and pump-you-up cheerleader on your road back to a body and life you truly love.

My approach isn’t just about reducing inflammation, or dropping those extra pounds.

It’s about permanent change from the inside out; as shifts in unhealthy behaviors naturally lead to shifts in unhealthy habits.

I believe that our happiness, challenges, and relationships are intimately linked to our wellness. That means nourishing beliefs and actions are just as critical for our wellbeing as nourishing foods.

I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to total health. So I create fully-customized health strategies that fit your nutritional sensitivities, anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure, and lifestyle.

I’m on a mission to bring JOY back to your life by teaching you to reconnect with yourself through food and body movement, in a positive, self-love-boosting way.


  • First, you provide background information through an online well-being assessment.This will bring me up to speed on the issues you’re facing, and any medical details to keep in mind.
  • In our first 90-minute coaching sessions, we’ll pin down your priorities and design a personal wellness vision and month-by-month month plan.
  • As we get going on our 30-60 minute weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls (which we plan to fit perfectly into your schedule) we review the progress toward your vision and goals.
  • Together, we’ll get down into the nitty gritty of your most pressing issues, go over the week’s lesson, and then agree on a set of goals for the following week. (And yes, there’ll be plenty of “Ah-ha!”s along the way.
  • By the end of our time together can expect to reach more than 70% of your goals, and feel energized and confident to embark on new areas.


While I tailor every One-on-One program for the client and time frame,
the B.L.I.S.S. method breaks down into four main steps.


You’ll move toward an anti- inflammatory diet by adding in more healthy, organic whole foods and crowding out the less healthy, processed foods. Following an anti-inflammatory diet can counteract the chronic inflammation that is at the root cause of many serious diseases, especially as we age.


I’ll create an efficient, easy-to-follow workout plan that combines traditional exercise with yoga and meditation to help you build lean muscle mass, increase endurance and gain flexibility. This program doesn’t just boost your metabolism either – it works so well, it’ll help you burn calories for 12-to-48 hours after you’ve finished working out.


Bring your hormonal havoc to an end, naturally. By simply adding the right foods to your diet, you can balance your hormones and reduce or prevent menopause symptoms. When your hormones are in balance you feel good, look good, and your energy skyrockets.


Now, you know what and how to eat, we’ll look at what’s behind the scenes and figure out WHY you eat. Emotional eating can sabotage your weight loss goals and send you on a downward spiral. I will teach you the tools to gain control of your cravings and prevent eating when you’re not hungry.

There are 3 ways to get your B.L.I.S.S. on:

THE BLISS METHOD – Foundational

foundational badge

This program is designed to help you hit and pass your wellness goals, and keep taking it further. We can work through your struggles with nutrition, exercise, balance, stress, sleep, and overall happiness.

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THE BLISS METHOD – Total Hormonal

total hormonal badge

If you want to go deeper, pass more milestones, and completely revamp your relationship to food, your hormones, and your body: these six months are your express ticket.

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THE BLISS METHOD – Health & Happiness

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I created this deluxe nine month package to help you hit & pass all your wellness goals, and spend 36 weeks discovering what truly nourishes you, in mind, body, and soul.9 MONTHS

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Delicious DIY & Group Detoxes

Shed the extra weight. Find what fuels you. Fall back in love with food – and yourself – for good.

kick sugar

Sugar is the #1 trigger of inflammation leading to weight gain. It’s time to kick the cravings rollercoaster, shed excess pounds, and get back to feeling fantastic.

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hormonal balance detoxStruggling with nagging cravings & weight gain – and your old “get slim: tricks tricks aren’t working anymore? Your hormones may be out of whack. Learn how to balance them the safe, natural way.

learn more

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back to you group detox

This is the perfect option for anyone interested in a group detox program, or a self-study course that aligns with the season they’re in.Detox sessions begin several times per year.

Click here to learn more or sign up for the next group detox session with Abby!

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