Freedom... The lodestar to ultimate wellness.

Bear in mind this does not equal eating sleeves of Thin Mints with wild abandon.  This is the freedom of being at home in your body + mind.  You know…that moment when you put on the jeans and they no longer leave a button imprint on your mid-section, when you put down the fork because you are satisfied, not because My Fitness Pal is watching or when you take a walk to simmer your mind’s monkeys instead of drowning them in cookies-n-cream.  This is FREEDOM and it’s created through sustainable habits.


You see... when you start to construct habits that are motivated by pleasure, they become an ingrained part of you. And the REAL magic happens when you create habits that make you feel better in the short AND long term.  Because we all know that third glass of Pinot makes you feel free as a bird in the moment, but tomorrow tends to sing a different tune.  

The BLISS Method is designed to create sustainable habits that generate more pleasure in your life, both short and long term.  Whether it’s through upleveling your breakfast from Raisin Bran to Abby’s Superfood Granola, granting you permission to run a few less miles and bring in a few more weights, or uncovering that thing you LOVE to do, but never make time for.

The point being, when you’re motivated by pleasure, not by punishment it’s a whole different ballgame.  

A ballgame where you spin for 30 minutes and you crave kale over Krispy Kreme with no struggle. You make choices because you know what it feels like to feel good and feeling good becomes your barometer for wellness, not the amount of calories consumed or steps taken.