The truth is...

It’s not about LOOKING good in those skinny jeans.



It’s about FEELING good in them.

And that teeny, tiny distinction makes ALL the difference in your wellness success.


As luck would have it...

When you move towards what you love and stop marinating in what you hate, magic happens.

Introducing the BLISS approach:

delicious detoxes, wellness coaching and personal training that utilizes inspiration instead of deprivation.



Detox With Bliss

The 14-day Detox that turns your love of food into a blessing, not a curse.      


The Bliss Method

One-on-one wellness coaching that gets you thriving in life, not fighting with your clothes.. 

Bliss Studio

Personal training that looks at exercise as a reward, not a punishment.

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Instant Inspiration

Change happens in bite size portions.

A blog to help uncover a recipe that motivates you to start eating breakfast again, a workout that gets you moving again, or a maybe a little permission to start focusing on you again.  


Meet Abby

Abby is known for her coveted seasonal detoxes, wellness coaching, personal training and her infatuation with all things skincare.

The moment you get around her you want to reign in your chocolate covered almond consumption, give collard greens a fighting chance and ditch your acne cream dujour. 


What a gem Abby is, first things first, she came into my life at the perfect time (of course!!)  I heard about her from one of my amazing clients who came in literally GLOWING one day! 

My obvious question was why are you glowing this much??  Her answer…Abby Bliss White.  That week I called her up, we bonded instantly, told her my story, and off we went.  My back story: I am about to turn 40, I have always been active, walk every where, active job, practice yoga, lift, run, I ate “healthy food” (so different than eating healthy I learned!) I have always had stomach issues, and had a pretty good protective shell around myself that I created after all these years of life!! I was an all or nothing person, extremely high then really low, and really hard on myself, and I know the stomach issues held me back from living my best self.

So off we went, we dove in and it took a little bit, but then I would start seeing/feeling slight improvements.  There were little mini adjustments she encouraged me to do, which began leading to little victories, that lead to Aha! moments, which led me to dive in and learn about myself not just nutritionally, but finding balance with every aspect of my life.  She not only helped my digestion which has been huge, but working with her, her support, and knowledge awoke a desire for self discovery. It definitely wasn’t easy work, but it was the perfect platform to jump off of to really begin living my BEST SELF. This lady is magic. Grateful our paths crossed.  She is a bright and shiny, supportive light everyone needs. Forever grateful for her :)

- Krista Radetich


A day in the life of Abby