Bliss Studio

Personal training for those lucky locals in Portland, Oregon

When working out works.  Take the struggle out of the fitness puzzle. 

There’s no shortage of fitness information out there… between HIIT, LISS, lift heavy, lift light, pilates, yoga, workout for 60 minutes, never workout for longer than 25 minutes.  It’s enough to make you want to stay firmly planted on the couch. 

Mustering motivation is hard enough without feeling like you’re doing it all wrong.

Bring in a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and someone who gets how to make the most of a workout in minimal time to create a customized routine based on your body type and goals.

Keep Abby all to yourself or bring on a friend at Abby’s in-home studio, your favorite Portland Park or the comfort of your own home.

Abby is a ray of sunshine! Not only is she insanely knowledgeable about all things healthy, but she offers that knowledge with tremendous support and no judgment! I never dread our workouts and truly value them as an integral, and ongoing part of my life. Abby is loving and hilarious and a joy to be around- it's like working out with your girlfriend. She's very intuitive about what kind of workout would be a good fit for how my body is feeling on a particular day and always changes it up so we never get bored. She supports us in challenging ourselves and doesn't punish us if we're not always up for getting our butts kicked. Either way, we ALWAYS feel sooo much better after a session with her. In short- we just love and adore her. I can't say enough about Abby- if you're looking to totally change your life or simply get a great workout- Abby can meet you at any place you are in your life and help you get to anywhere you want to go. . -Christa Leonard

This is your golden ticket if...

  • Your once a week Zumba session isn't cutting it.  Sure it feels good to wiggle with friends, but your biceps are still buried.
  • Despite pinning every toning exercise you come across, you still default to your sneakers and pavement.  There was a time when that yielded results, but the time has come to work smarter, not harder.
  • The problem isn't working out, it's packing a gym bag, driving in traffic, checking in, walking to the locker room, changing your clothes, setting up your lock.  Your motivation loses momentum before you even step foot on the elliptical.  And you've just lost 20 minutes of PRECIOUS time. 
  • One week you're a Barre3 devotee and the next you're barely moving.  Consistency and routine seem to be the absent piece in your exercise endeavors. 

Personal Training Logistics


1.  Schedule a consult with Abby here.


2.  Meet face-to-face to discuss goals and create an action plan.  From there determine a training location (Abby's house, your house, park of choice?) and how often to meet.


3.  Begin.  Giddy up your muscles are ready to show their face.  Equipment used = Bosu ball, free weights, medicine balls, TRX suspension bands, resistance bands, the Peloton bike (if at Abby's house) and more. 


Meet Your Trainer

Abby is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her mission is to help clients bring balance and joy back into their lives through movement. Every body craves movement, the trick lies in uncovering what movement builds your body up without tearing it down.  Exercise when customized correctly is most definitely a reward, not a punishment.  You get the reward of a clear noggin, limber limbs, and a lighter body because everything you do in the gym should improve the quality of your life outside of it. 

Should you choose, Abby brings the gym to you, she meets clients at their homes, her small studio or at parks across Portland.  She is a mobile gym due to her belief that you do not need a lot of equipment to stay in shape and loves helping clients discover the joy of using their own bodies to increase strength and start thriving in life instead of fighting with their clothes.


No Time Like The Present

Lets shake things up.




Single Sessions

  • Regular: $85.00

  • Yoga: $100

Packages with Partner

Grab and friend and save!

  • Single Sessions: $90.00

  • 5 Pack: $435.00

  • 8 Pack: $664.00

  • 12 Pack: $960.00



  • 5 Pack: $410.00

  • 8 Pack: $640.00

  • 12 Pack: $936.00


Frequently Asked Questions


+ If I choose to have you come to my house, will you supply the equipment?

Yep! I will bring my bag of tricks to your house and give you an efficient and effective workout. I don't believe you need A LOT of equipment to get a good workout in. I will bring my favorite toys with me.

+ How long are the sessions?

Good question. The sessions last 50 minutes with a 10 minute stretch at the end. I am a believer in stretching and find that people have good intentions to stretch but don't actually do it. That is a key component to flexibility.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

I am reserving this time for YOU and need 24 hour notice to cancel so I can fill that spot in my schedule. Thank you for understanding!


+ What kind of workouts will do?

I believes in functional training, meaning that everything you do in the gym should also improve your daily activities. I likes to add elements of yoga into all the workouts to increase overall strength, cardio and flexibility training. .

+ How many sessions do you recommend per week?

I recommend at least two sessions per week at a minimum. For maximum results 3 times a week is ideal. I will give you a workout schedule for in between sessions to keep you on track and balanced..

+ Will I lose weight just by doing the workouts?

Unfortunately, exercise is not the only avenue to lose weight. I truly believe it is 80% what happens in the kitchen and 20% exercise. Don't get me wrong. Exercise is HUGELY important but the two go hand in hand.