As luck would have it...

It's not about learning how to sacrifice.

It's about learning how to indulge.


Try as we might… we are motivated by pleasure, not pain.  So it pays to find the pleasurable path to your version of wellness.  What that really means... if you hate running, don’t run.  If you love long walks through the woods, do that.  If you NEED a glass of wine at 5:00 more than you need air, have a glass of wine at 5:00 and savor every drop of that grape filled goodness.   

Guilt never makes anything taste better, but appreciation sure does.

Willpower and white knuckles, are finite resources. Understanding your hormones, habits and happiness is the ticket to everlasting success in your pursuit of loose pants, more energy, and lower cholesterol.

It's the difference between fighting your way to wellness and actually being fulfilled by it.

After all, Tony Robbins said it best, success without fulfillment is failure.

Wanna live long, happy and healthy? Work with Abby! Abby is not only passionate about healthy eating and living, she’s passionate about YOUR health. Abby is all about abundance in health. YOUR health. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Abby. Did 2 detoxes with her and the mindset makeover. Not only have I lost weight, my mind is clearer, I embrace life calmer and I’ve learned a whole lot of about healthy eating. I never felt deprived of food - I only found myself celebrating how much delicious AND healthy food there is for me to enjoy. Abby's programs are thorough and beautiful. Her handouts are gorgeous and inspiring. She’s very generous in her feedback. Abby is very engaged in your health with daily check ins. Multiple times a day. And she’s not afraid to share her own challenges as she detoxes with you. Abby is very knowledgeable, very personable. She’s encouraging, celebrating every progress you made, and never critical of where you may have slipped. She’s an abundant guide on your path to health. Oh, and she has daily giveaways. She’s not only the queen of healthy eating, but she also has tons of advice on healthy skin care, healthy beauty aids, healthy cleaning products in the home. Abby is making this planet healthy again - one person at a time. Detox with Abby didn’t only get me on a path to eating healthy, I was surprised to find out that my entire life style became so much healthier. While I was detoxing my gut and my brain, I ended up decluttering my house, cleaning up my finances, I became a more relaxed parent, I even started biking to work! Priceless side effects! You’re in for a very generous treat, no matter what service you sign up for with Abby. -Marion Van Namen, PDX*

This is your magic bullet if...

  • Balance alludes you.  You're either the poster child for Dr. Oz or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  There's no in between.
  • You start every Monday with more conviction than you did on your wedding day.  This will be the week you GET IT TOGETHER.
  • You're hungry for a change, but one week coconut oil is a superfood and the next it's super dangerous, who can keep up?! 
  • You need a strategy and plan you can actually implement that fits in your busy life, not the other way around. 
  • You're ready to take a good, hard look at those habits that are sabotaging all of your honorable intentions.  Hello pantry grazing the minute your coat hits the hanger at 5:15. 



How It All Works

A lot can be said for accountability and a plan.

The plan comes to fruition through looking at what's working and what's not.  Keep the good habits and start replacing the destructive ones with strategies you'll actually implement.  If you are virtuous with your edibles every day until 3:00, uncover a reward greater than chocolate to power through your day.  If your palette for kale and cabbage is not a problem, but cooking is, discover shortcuts that keep you from slaving away in the kitchen. 

Next up, set small, digestible goals. Victories breed more victories.  Often times one extra glass of water daily creates more success than one perfect dietary day. 

Last, but not least, absorb the magic of another pair of eyes.  When someone else is watching, checking in on us we preform with more consistency and accuracy than we do alone.  Sometimes just knowing somebody else will notice the 10,000th step is enough to ignite our drive to take the stairs.  



Bliss Method Logistics


1.  Upon purchase, receive your welcome email and schedule your Health + Hormone History overview.  Begin to create a personalized diet and suggested meal plan specific to your needs and sensitivities, as well as, customized workout plans + mental exercises to boost your metabolism (yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises, etc.)


2.  Next-up schedule bi-weekly 60-minute in-person, phone or Skype appointments per month (or one 30 minute call every week -depending on your needs) to carve out a specific path to your goals. Your personalized accountability, motivation, and emotional support throughout your journey.



3.  Receive email support between appointments for tips on deconstructing cravings, getting your fanny moving more, and uncovering the things that inevitably undue all productivity. 


Meet Your Mentor

Abby Bliss White, is known for her highly desirable seasonal detoxes.  For the past 5 years, at 4 times a year, she has been leading groups of people to dietary BLISS through good ole fashion whole foods that taste better than one would ever think, coupled with a genuine, contagious enthusiasm for all things health.  She's been training and wellness coaching clients one-on-one for twice as long.  Allowing clients to reach new levels of health that previously seemed unattainable.  Yeah... craving kale is a real thing.

With certifications and accolades from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Hormonal Cure through The Gottfried Institute, The Digestive Intensive Course with Holistic Nutrition Lab, The Wellness Coaches Corporation, Dr. Junger's Clean Program, to name a few, she has a noggin' full of facts, tips and tricks in all things wellness, but it's her inherent passion that seals the deal in her success of getting clients to reach, oftentimes surpass, and sustain their healthful pursuits.


Let's do this

3 and 6 month packages available to evacuate the habits that put cracks in your wellness foundation. 

Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.


6 Month Package

$2100.00 – $100 discount if you pay in FULL*

$367.00 / month for 6 months*

3 Month Package

$1100.00 – $100 discount if you pay in FULL*

$400.00 /month for 3 months


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I have to drink smoothies?

Of course not! The BLISS Method is all about creating healthy habits around what you do LOVE, not forcing you into what you hate. Nothing sustainable about that.

+ What happens if I need to cancel a session?

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session then it counts as a session used towards package. Bummer!

+ Is credit card information stored on your website?

No, your credit card information is processed through PayPal’s secured and encrypted server connection. Three cheers for PayPal.

+ Refunds: do they happen?

Sessions used are non-refundable, but if you choose to terminate your session before the scheduled end date, refunds are prorated based on this. If you have any questions about Abby’s products, please email before purchasing.

+ Are your programs effective?

Absolutely YES!! However, my programs only work if you do too. We are a team and I expect you to work as hard as I do. We are a good match if:

  • motivated + committed to the process
  • ready to invest in food (both in time + money)
  • ready to have someone hold you accountable
  • ready to learn about which foods are best for your body
  • looking to create a lifestyle that exceeds your expectations
  • seeking increased knowledge about food + nutrition
  • ready to let go of who you think you should be + embrace who you really are.

+ Will I have to become Vegan, Paleo, or both?

Not unless you want to. I do not believe that there is a one-diet-that fits all! Instead, I embrace that you are unique, different and beautiful! We will create a program that fits your lifestyle, needs, likes and dislikes. Yes, we will try new things along the way, but you will not be be confined to one set of seemingly arbritary guidelines.